I (Alison) moved from the UK to the Falklands in 1993 for a 2-year teaching contract. 30 years later, I call the Islands home.

Andrez is a Falkland Islander whose ancestors came to the Falklands in 1849. He has worked at many things mainly with an engineering base – apart from a period when we owned a small farm.

This is not the first time we have set off on a cruising adventure. In 1999, we left in our steel 30ft mongrel (Alpha Carinae) to sail from the Falklands to the Arctic and back. On the way, we accidently had a baby, who was born in Trinidad, and were nearly shipwrecked in Scotland! After a round trip of 23000 miles over a 3-year period, we sold the boat and took a 16-year break before purchasing Kelper.

Both of us are now retired so the intention is to cruise/sail in the austral winter months leaving the boat in different locations each year to come home for the summer. We plan to do this for as long as health, interest and money allow. There are no fixed destinations, but at some stage we would like to go to the Pacific and explore.